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The End of Libraries

From Virtuality, the physical places of libraries have been questioned depending on their profitability, as if they were malls. As of April 30, responding to the new sheets of recruitment of operators, will leave the payroll of Fundalectura,… Read More

7 Objectives of the Digital Libraries

Digital libraries are the gateway to cultural and scientific heritage. They try to solve the information gap through the access and dissemination of digital content, but to do so we have to solve the existing digital divide before…. Read More

The Pilot Want To be a Bridge Between Two Times

Despite the closure of the Pilot Public Library, its services and activities remain active. At the end of the first half of this year, the headquarters of the Pilot Public Library (PPL), in the neighborhood Carlos E. Restrepo,… Read More

Uses, Motives and Benefits of Libraries For Society

Libraries are not that they are only very well valued by their users, but it is also seen and verified that their investment is profitable for society. This is what has come to demonstrate, once again, the study… Read More

Sumapaz Will Have In March It’s First Public Library

It will work at the school of the San Juan district. Project to promote reading has already been implemented. The Ministry of Culture enlists the 2,200 books and 10 computers that will arrive in March to the first… Read More

The Reunion of the Barrio La Manga With the Books

Barranquilla has only 8 public libraries, one works in this popular neighborhood. If a barranquillero unsuspecting ask about the neighborhood La Manga, sure that, without up, will associate it with being the cradle of boxers that can be… Read More

20 Reasons Why Reading is Important to Our Lives

Reading is one of the cornerstones for acquiring knowledge. Read, reading, is one of the best skills we can acquire. She will accompany us throughout our lives and allow her to acquire knowledge, and to understand the world… Read More

10 Books Recommended by Librarians to Read This Summer

Summer is always a good time to review the list of books to read and collect readings for those months. And we have more free time to devote to books, and to relax, enjoy and disconnect from the… Read More

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