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Josef Pavlovy (1903-1944)

Joseph Duckis One of the eminent Soviet poets whose poems enjoy the well-deserved sympathy of our reader. The courage of the revolutionary, combined with gentle humanism, is the internal nerve of the best works of the poet; Aparting… Read More

Department of Humanitarian Literature

The Department of Humanitarian Literature is waiting for its new and old readers! Students, schoolchildren, and all who want to be able to prepare for classes, to see new newspapers and magazines. Your free time will not be… Read More

How to Convert Your Library into a Instagram Star

Libraries have everything they need to become a successful bookstagrammers. There are mainly three things that are necessary: books as raw materials, people with great creative talents and, of an account in Instagram. Three basic and necessary ingredients… Read More

Meet Toño

Toño Plum I like close. He is the bully of my school and is my best friend, the most hated and most idolized: “I opened the door and there he was, as fate.” His name is like an… Read More

Geographic Openings

Antartica-195 years from the opening day People have been attracted to travel all the time. The first was committed by a man in a stone age, more than a million years ago. The history of the discovery of… Read More

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