Department of Humanitarian Literature

The Department of Humanitarian Literature is waiting for its new and old readers! Students, schoolchildren, and all who want to be able to prepare for classes, to see new newspapers and magazines. Your free time will not be wasted, because only in our department are you going to find out:
• Textbooks and teaching aids for examinations, best publications on the history of Russia and foreign countries, law, economics, philosophy, political science, management, psychology;
• Biographical dictionaries and serial editions of the Hundred Great thinkers, the hundred great captains, the Hundred great women, the hundred great musicians, the Hundred great wonders of the world, etc.;
• Generic and industry encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks;
• More than 100 titles of periodicals, including a large selection of youth publications.

Our staff will help you to find literature on the topic you are interested in writing any kind of training (report, essay, summary, course, or diploma work). Books from the humanitarian Literature Foundation are not only provided to readers to work in the reading room, but are also issued to the house.

At your service:

• Convenient places for classes
• Use of the computer
• Provisional ordering of literature by telephone;
• Editing bibliographic lists of literature.

Reference phones: (3952) 29-07-93

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