How to Convert Your Library into a Instagram Star

Libraries have everything they need to become a successful bookstagrammers. There are mainly three things that are necessary: books as raw materials, people with great creative talents and, of an account in Instagram. Three basic and necessary ingredients to get and promote books and reading in a creative and visual way.

And yes, it is true, there is a high component of posttureo in this to take pictures of the books of the library and then share them, but do not forget that if something can presume the libraries (among thousands more things) is the books they have.

Isabel Bellido counts in Yorokobu some great techniques when it comes to sharing the images with books through Instagram, such as: take everything we see around us and include it in the image, place copies in unsuspected places, Use the pages of the books that no longer serve as props, take out the books to the street, order methodologically things, …

They are the so-called bookstagrammers responsible for having put the book in the center of their profiles of Instagram, and seems to have turned out well the move because they accumulate hundreds of thousands of followers. Together with the Booktubers have managed to create a community that, although it has not yet taken root in Spain, accumulates followers and users from one continent to another.

Excellent recommendations to share the images of the books by the social network, which would have to add some more … and tell us in the Youtube channel “reading Fever”, as for example: be happy with the photos we do, be pending the light , filters and editing the images, being active in the publications, choosing the theme of what you want to show, being constant, looking at what other accounts do, interacting with people and other publications, and (very important!) the use of hashtags.

Hashtags about the world of book and reading in Instagram

and is that including hashtags in the publication is something that can not be forgotten under any circumstances. There are countless hashtags in Instagram about the world of the book (more than libraries can invent for their campaigns).

Some of the best known (ordered according to number of results and, therefore, popularity), and that should not be missing in the images that are shared, are:


And here are a few techniques to take pictures of books, a few hashtags that should not be missing in any of your images and a couple of methods to trap users to the account of your library. Perhaps there is much more to explain about this wonderful and exciting world of books and Instagram … but it may be worth to start…

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