Josef Pavlovy (1903-1944)

Joseph Duckis One of the eminent Soviet poets whose poems enjoy the well-deserved sympathy of our reader. The courage of the revolutionary, combined with gentle humanism, is the internal nerve of the best works of the poet; Aparting the humming and simultaneously visible the accuracy of the artistic details-their interesting feature.

Joseph Duck was born on the Hinggan station of Khabarovsk Krai. The most famous piece of the Duck-“tale of the Redhead Motjele”-came out when the author was only 22 years.
His soft lyricism was against the Iron Gromyhaniju Proletkultovshhiny.
In the early utkine, you can see the intonation beginning of the Svetlova, hungry. His popularity was really great. “The boy him in Irkutsk” many knew by heart, but in Irkutsk him not only the Utkinskogo boy, but also Admiral Kolchak: Russia had to pay for both. The duck’s popularity quickly passed along with his youth. But he, falling envy, devoted his life to the upbringing of young poets. He died in a plane crash, returning from the front.
Source: Verses century. An anthology of Russian poetry. -Minsk-Moscow, “Polifakt”, 1995.

Heavy-it’ll be over,
The good is staying.
What’s rodinoju to come true,
It will be the same with the people
With her meadows, the Niwas,
With its forests, thickets.
She was a happy,
And we’re going to be happy.

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