The Pilot Want To be a Bridge Between Two Times

Despite the closure of the Pilot Public Library, its services and activities remain active.

At the end of the first half of this year, the headquarters of the Pilot Public Library (PPL), in the neighborhood Carlos E. Restrepo, will open again its doors, after being closed for more than one year, due to works of adequacy.

The remodeling, which began in December 2015, was largely due to user requirements, who through the system of petitions, complaints, claims and suggestions commented that the place had cracks and lack of aesthetic maintenance.

In addition to this, and by the wear of the years, the PPL needed to be intervened in its structure, not having a resistant support. In addition, the design of electrical, hydro-sanitary and telecommunications networks was included in the renovation.

With resources provided by the Municipal administration, the works were started, which were divided into two stages.

In the first, which was completed, the physical infrastructure was reinforced for 10 months to comply with the seismic resistance standard. In this, about 7,000 million pesos were invested.

Now, with a period of eight months, the second complementary stage of adaptation is in process, with which an interior conditioning is sought that allows an adjustment to new devices of reading, writing and orality. You have budgeted a figure that exceeds the 5 billion pesos.

Despite the closure, the public library continues to provide decentralized services. “The workshops, the chairs, the lectures, some conferences and training activities for the public have been decentralized to other cultural spaces of the city, such as the House of the culture of colors and Pedregal,” said Shirley Zuluaga, Director of the PPL.

The Torre de la Memoria, the subsidiaries and the Antioquia Room also host other of these activities. In addition, the decentralization strategy was applied to books and different collections. More than 40,000 specimens traveled to library parks and other culture houses.

What news will it bring?

With the delivery of the PPL, the place wants to be for the citizenship a bridge between two times. According to Zuluaga, the library will connect the past and the present. However, it will continue to rescue the memory and the patrimony to put them in permanent effect. As for the Heritage Collection, the new building will have more interactive and informative exhibition venues.

“Apart from the physical adequacy, the pilot will have a transcendental transformation that goes beyond being a repository of books and that concentrates on being a living center of information, thought and knowledge, to be heritage and living memory, to encourage spaces for the Learning and Co-creation and being an institution with social and cultural impact, annexed.

The adjustments, as the Director concluded, will lead the pilot to become a contemporary site of historical interaction and debate at the service of citizens.

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