Sumapaz Will Have In March It’s First Public Library

It will work at the school of the San Juan district. Project to promote reading has already been implemented.

The Ministry of Culture enlists the 2,200 books and 10 computers that will arrive in March to the first public library in the town of Sumapaz and will be affiliated to BibloRed.

This was said by María Claudia López, Secretary of Culture of the capital, during the presentation of the results of the program ‘ Promotion of reading and writing in Sumapaz ‘, which promotes with the Regional Centre for the promotion of the Book in Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLALC), UNESCO-sponsored organization.

The library will be at Colegio Juan de la Cruz Varela, in the district of San Juan. The work begins in January and ends in the last days of February. “We hope to open the doors to the population in March,” explained Ana Roda, director of reading and libraries of the Ministry of Culture, Recreation and sport.

The ‘ Traveling suitcases ‘ program will facilitate the loan of books and materials in the locality, which is characterized by being rural and having the population dispersed. It consists in “allowing teachers who require books to take them for 15 days, for the promotion of reading in their classrooms,” said Ana Roda. This will encourage the transfer of material from one sidewalk to another and help local students and teachers interact with the volumes that will come to the library.

Roda clarified that although in the locality there are some libraries in schools, these are schoolchildren, and store books of educational nature for children and young people to perform the tasks, while the material that will come “respond to the characteristics of all the populations and on all subjects. The idea is to update collections year by year, and so we will, “he explained.

As in the other public libraries of the city, in the Sumapaz there will be workshops to form public for arts, loan and film screening, and computer rooms.

Reading promotion

The Regional Center for the promotion of the Book in Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLALC) implemented, during the last quarter of the year, the program ‘ promotion of reading and writing in Sumapaz ‘.

He did it with the support of the secretariat of Culture and the foundation secrets to tell. “This territory was chosen because it is the only locality in Bogota that does not have a public library and has enormous difficulties in accessing books;” Among them, the topography, “said Marianne Ponsford, director of the Cerlalc.

First a diagnostic survey was applied to find out how Sumapaz was in front of reading and writing. Then they were handed over to three books in more than 700 households in the locality. “These are produced by the Foundation Secrets to tell.” One is to feel and to excite (tells tales); The second, to think (mixes matters like physics, chemistry and logic in everyday life), and the third, to do (it brings experiments and other practical exercises), “he said.

But the Cerlalc knows that delivering books is no guarantee that they will be read. That’s why they organized workshops in schools to teach children, young people and adults to read the different languages (written, sonorous, audiovisual, etc.).

There are books but no readers in the area

One aspect that drew the attention of the Regional Center for the promotion of the Book in Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLALC) is that, although in 53 of 105 households surveyed in Sumapaz there is a book of literature and in 70 percent of the houses there are academic books , the inhabitants are not considered readers.

Of the 169 people who participated in the survey, 75 are perceived in this category; The rest say they’re not readers.

Of those who do like reading, everyone says the benefit is learning, 83 percent believe that the general culture increases, and 75 percent do it for fun.

Among the main reasons not to read are the lack of time, do other activities and lack of access to materials.

For Diego Riveros, a 17-year-old student, the project developed by the entities in the last quarter was positive. “The coolest thing was the strengthening of reading in youth, which was very poor in that sense.” They left the books aside and were accustomed to copy and paste to do their jobs, “he said.” “Workshops are activities that you don’t often see in Sumapaz.” With the first public library, this will take power, “commented Andrés Ardila Morales.

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